About Us

We are a surf and skate lifestyle brand founded in 2017 in London. Born from a love of the ocean, surfing and skating, we have grown into a movement celebrating diversity and individuality. Our aim has always been to disrupt the surf industry and make it more inclusive. 

We started out running surf/skate trips for city-based women and over the years we have branched out to encourage other groups that are under-represented within the action sports industry to embrace the surf and skate culture we know and love. 


In 2018 we started our partnership with London Based Prison Rehabilitation Charity, Switchback, who enable young men to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable, rewarding life they can be proud of. In 2019 we launched our LGBTQ trips too, and our mission is to continue expanding LGSC’s community- so please get in touch if you think your organisation or group could benefit. 


We are not only passionate about inclusivity within our sports, we care deeply about our planet and its future, which is why, when we started work on our apparel collection, all our products and packaging have been selected with the minimum impact to the environment. Utilising small family owned factories and keeping our supply network tight, helps us ensure we have full control of our supply chain and we are building long lasting personal relationships with all of our partners. 


We also run a Planet Positive fulfilment policy and do everything to lessen our impact on the environment throughout our business. Every package sent from our warehouse is actually good for the planet. Carbon neutral was never enough so we also support projects planting trees in the UK, reducing Amazon deforestation and supporting solar farms in developing countries (to find out more check out or shipping policy). Our aim is to continually reduce our environmental footprint and we are committed to improve our positive impact throughout our business. 


We are not perfect, but we understand every step in the right direction we make individually can help shape the planet for our children's future.